Ajouté le Cut Throat City
Four boyhood friends return to New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina, to find their home decimated and prospects for work swept away. Turning to a local gangster for employment, the crew is hired to pull off a daring casino heist, right in the heart of the city....
Réalisateur: RZA
Ajouté le Drive
3.8 (8477 votes)
Driver is a skilled Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. Though he projects an icy exterior, lately he's been warming up to a pretty neighbor named Irene and her young son, Benicio. When Irene's husband gets out of jail, he enlists Driver's help in a mi...
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Crime
Réalisateur: Nicolas Winding Refn
Ajouté le The Mighty
5.0 (1 votes)
Kevin Dillon et sa mère emménagent dans la maison attenante a celle ou vit Maxwell Kane avec ses grands-parents. Kevin est un petit Einstein a la langue bien pendue mais affuble d'un appareil orthopédique tandis que Max, qui a treize ans, est anormalement développé pour son âge. Ces deux ...
Genre : Drama
Réalisateur: Peter Chelsom
Ajouté le La malédiction de Provins
Renan Thomas, stage director and actor is stabbed when he is playing in The Legend of Knights, a medieval spectacle in Provins.Karin Demarle and her son are witnesses of this intent of murder committed by a disguised person. By chance the help comes soon and the life of Renan is safe. Patrick Robin ...
Genre : Crime, Mystery, Drama
Réalisateur: Olivier Doran
Ajouté le Clouds
4.5 (4 votes)
Young musician Zach Sobiech discovers his cancer has spread, leaving him just a few months to live. With limited time, he follows his dream and makes an album, unaware that it will soon be a viral music phenomenon....
Genre : Music, Drama, Romance
Réalisateur: Justin Baldoni
Ajouté le The Secret Garden
3.7 (59 votes)
Mary Lennox is born in India to wealthy British parents who never wanted her. When her parents suddenly die, she is sent back to England to live with her uncle. She meets her sickly cousin, and the two children find a wondrous secret garden lost in the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor....
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Family
Réalisateur: Marc Munden
Ajouté le Rounders
3.5 (1095 votes)
A young man is a reformed gambler who must return to playing big stakes poker to help a friend pay off loan sharks....
Genre : Drama, Crime
Réalisateur: John Dahl
Ajouté le Mr. Jones
In 1933, Welsh journalist Gareth Jones travels to Ukraine, where he experiences the horrors of a famine. Everywhere he goes he meets henchmen of the Soviet secret service who are determined to prevent news about the catastrophe from getting out. Stalin’s forced collectivisation of agriculture has ...
Réalisateur: Agnieszka Holland
Ajouté le After We Collided
3.2 (487 votes)
Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever....
Genre : Romance, Drama
Réalisateur: Roger Kumble
Ajouté le The Lie
4.0 (1 votes)
A father and daughter are on their way to dance camp when they spot the girl's best friend on the side of the road. When they stop to offer the friend a ride, their good intentions soon result in terrible consequences....
Réalisateur: Veena Sud
Ajouté le Lakeview Terrace
3.0 (643 votes)
A young interracial couple has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their relationship. A tightly wound LAPD officer has appointed himself the watchdog of the neighborhood. His nightly foot patrols and overly watchful...
Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
Réalisateur: Neil LaBute
Ajouté le Tesla
5.0 (2 votes)
The story of the Promethean struggles of Nikola Tesla, as he attempts to transcend entrenched technology—including his own previous work—by pioneering a system of wireless energy that would change the world....
Genre : History, Drama
Réalisateur: Michael Almereyda
Ajouté le The Red Violin
3.8 (221 votes)
Spans 300 years in the life of one famed musical instrument that winds up in present-day Montreal on the auction block. Crafted by the Italian master Bussotti (Cecchi) in 1681, the red violin derives its unusual color from the human blood mixed into the finish. With this legacy, the violin travels t...
Réalisateur: François Girard
Ajouté le WWE Clash of Champions 2020
La ruée vers l'or est lancée car chaque champion doit défendre son titre. Des rivaux acharnés se heurtent alors que le champion de la WWE, Drew McIntyre, combat Randy Orton dans un match d'ambulance. C'est une affaire de famille quand Roman Reigns affronte Jey Uso pour le titre un...
Genre : Action, Drama, Mystery
Réalisateur: Kevin Dunn
Ajouté le The Tax Collector
1.0 (1 votes)
David Cuevas is a family man who works as a gangland tax collector for high ranking Los Angeles gang members. He makes collections across the city with his partner Creeper making sure people pay up or will see retaliation. An old threat returns to Los Angeles that puts everything David loves in harm...
Réalisateur: David Ayer
Ajouté le Great Pretender
3.5 (2 votes)
Supposedly Japan’s greatest swindler, Makoto Edamura gets more than he bargained for when he tries to con Laurent Thierry, a real world-class crook....
Ajouté le Blackbird
4.0 (1 votes)
A terminally ill mother invites her family to their country house for one final gathering, but tensions quickly boil over between her two daughters....
Genre : Drama
Réalisateur: Roger Michell
Ajouté le Tideland
3.3 (322 votes)
Because of the actions of her irresponsible parents, a young girl is left alone on a decrepit country estate and survives inside her fantastic imagination....
Réalisateur: Terry Gilliam
Ajouté le Enola Holmes
4.2 (6 votes)
While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord....
Réalisateur: Harry Bradbeer
Ajouté le Happy End
3.1 (226 votes)
A middle-class family living in Calais deal with a series of setbacks while paying little attention to the grim conditions in the refugee camps within a few miles of their home....
Genre : Drama
Réalisateur: Michael Haneke
Ajouté le Odd Man Rush
When Harvard hockey’s Bobby Sanders lands in Sweden’s minor leagues, his relationship with the girl at the local market forces him to confront the reality of his childhood NHL dream before the hockey gods intervene....
Genre : Drama
Réalisateur: Doug Dearth
Ajouté le Lost Girls and Love Hotels
Margaret finds herself in the glittering labyrinth of Tokyo by night and as a respected english teacher of a Japanese flight attendant academy by day. With little life direction, Margaret searches for meaning with fellow ex-pats in a Japanese dive bar, drinking to remember to forget and losing herse...
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Réalisateur: William Olsson
Ajouté le Cupidon no Itazura
5.0 (1 votes)
Un homme qui est encore vierge a une maladie très très rare qui ne lui permet d'avoir des relations sexuelles que sept fois dans sa vie. Après avoir épuisé toutes les sept chances, il ne pourra plus jamais avoir de relations sexuelles pour le reste de sa vie ... et jusqu'à présent, ...
Réalisateur: Ryōsuke Takahashi
Ajouté le Flightplan
3.2 (1649 votes)
Flying at 40,000 feet in a state-of-the art aircraft that she helped design, Kyle Pratt's 6-year-old daughter Julia vanishes without a trace. Or did she? No one on the plane believes Julia was ever onboard. And now Kyle, desperate and alone, can only count on her own wits to unravel the mystery...
Réalisateur: Robert Schwentke
Ajouté le U-571
3.2 (693 votes)
In the midst of World War II, the battle under the sea rages and the Nazis have the upper hand as the Allies are unable to crack their war codes. However, after a wrecked U-boat sends out an SOS signal, the Allies realise this is their chance to seize the 'enigma coding machine'....
Réalisateur: Jonathan Mostow
Ajouté le The Bourne Supremacy
3.7 (5264 votes)
When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent, who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne and Marie have been living. The pair run for their lives and Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is f...
Réalisateur: Paul Greengrass
Ajouté le Small Country: An African Childhood
Gabriel, aged 10, lives in a comfortable ex-pat neighborhood in Burundi, his ‘small country’. Gabriel is a normal kid, happy, carefree and having adventures with his friends and little sister. Then in 1993, tensions in neighboring Rwanda spill over, threatening his family and his innocence....
Genre : Drama
Réalisateur: Eric Barbier
Ajouté le Mulan
3.7 (2058 votes)
When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. She is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. Disguis...
Réalisateur: Niki Caro
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